Adriana Santiago

Astrologer Montreal

Adriana has spent over 20 years in a career in Information Technology, specializing in Quality Assurance. She first became interested in astrology during her yoga studies, when she learnt that our body is a representation of the cosmos.

In 2007 she completed an advanced astrology course with Jorge Bitar at GFU (Gran Fraternidad Universal) before emigrating from Venezuela to Montreal, Canada. As soon as she was settled in Montreal, Adriana continued studying astrology with Regine Cousin at Centre d’Astro­Psychologie until 2011.

Having been mentored by Janet Markham since 2015, Adriana achieved CAAE’s Level 3 certification in May 2016. Currently she is completing the final courses for the CAAE Diploma. She already maintains an active astrological consulting practice.

With her passionate and enthusiastic personality, Adriana has found in astrology the perfect fit for learning, analyzing and putting everything together, because she thinks that every chart has a story to be revealed. She looks forward to sharing this knowledge with new astrology students.