Melanie Joy

Astrologer Niagara Region, Ontario

Melanie Joy has studied astrology for over twelve years under one of Canada’s most cutting edge astrologers, Monica Orlowski, and with the Canadian Association for Astrological Education (CAAE).

In addition to using some modern Western astrology techniques, Melanie relies heavily on the chart interpretation methods of Jean Baptiste Morin de Villefranche. Morin was a 17th century French astrologer, physician and mathematician who wrote a 26-book treatise on astrology and natural philosophy, Astrologia Gallica, that sets out a systematic and practical astrological approach. Morin intended the work to cull a reasoned and elegant system of horoscope interpretation from what he saw as a compromised Western astrological history. His approach is one of synthesis, that is, to see the natal chart as a unit.

"With only astrological analysis through modern Western astrology techniques, the chart remains lifeless, "Melanie explains." When I was first introduced to Morin's method, it felt like I had finally found that missing link. I couldn't believe how quickly I could now look at a chart and understand the essence of the person living and breathing this chart. Morin's method of synthesis animates the chart and makes it come alive. And in predictive work, Morin’s methods significantly increase accuracy."

By the time most astrologers encounter Morin, they usually have been studying astrology for years, but Melanie has integrated Morin’s concepts into her introductory courses and has been absolutely delighted with the results to date. “My philosophy is that if you’re going to learn a brand new language, why not learn the most efficient and accurate way from the beginning? It honestly doesn’t take much tweaking. I’ve found a way to integrate Morin’s basics into my introductory courses, and these students are already much more advanced than I ever was at that stage of my learning which is so exciting to see as a teacher.” And she’s only encountered positive feedback from seasoned astrologers who learn Morin’s techniques: “I’ve been told repeatedly—‘I’ll never look at a chart the same way again’—after experienced astrologers are introduced to even some basic Morin principles.”

A former college teacher, Melanie holds a Master's degree in writing and communications. In addition to practising and teaching astrology, she works in communications for the public sector and is also an award-winning singer-songwriter.

Method of Delivery

Group, private and Skype.

Types of Astrology Courses Offered

Level 1 - covers the CAAE basics in compressed format, but also introduces students to some basic Morin concepts & methods.

Level 2 – covers the CAAE basics in compressed format, but also has students practice Morin’s chart synthesis on sample charts.

The Morin Tradition Part 1 (for students who have an existing knowledge of astrology). You’ll never look at astrology charts the same way again after learning Morin’s methodology!

The Morin Tradition Part 2 (for students who have an existing knowledge of astrology and have taken Part 1). This class builds upon part 1.