Lina Grosso

Accredited Astrologer, Dip CAAE Etobicoke
For me, among the many things I have learned through astrology is the ways in which I sabotage my own happiness and fulfillment, the ways in which it is easier to stay small and not be seen. Sure, I have gifts and talents, at least I have been told that many times; but to believe and experience that is a whole new way to live. My passion lies in helping you shift your limiting beliefs, so you can become more self-aware and confident, show up as the leader you are, and experience yourself and others in new and exciting ways.Whether you are looking to study astrology or simply searching for a better understanding of who you are; as an eternal student and seeker, I can help you explore this exciting and rich world of symbols and synthesis. The miracle of life may not be less mysterious but the beauty and interconnectedness will inspire you; and your light will shine a little brighter.

Method of Delivery

In class  
In person
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Types of Astrology Courses Offered

Beginner's Astrology, Level One

Intermediate Astrology, Level Two