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Meira Epstein, New York Astrologer, returns to Toronto April 13 & 14, 2019 

Join us for a two day weekend workshop at Victoria College, University of Toronto: The Best of the Classics


PART-1: Surprising discoveries in the Natal Chart - "The Hidden Ascendant and the Invisible
10th House.
PART-2: Fortune & Spirit in Lifetime Prediction - Zodiacal Releasing and Time Lords, and how
they reveal and unfold the true evolution of the chart potentials.


PART-1: “Clockwise & Counter-Clockwise” - Timing by the Houses and the Diurnal Mundane
Quadrants. A classical predictive method that has been completely forgotten is brought back to
light and applied effortlessly in natal chart.
PART-2: “When Planets Fall - How Far Down?” In-depth discussion on Planets in Debility
(Detriment & Fall) comparing it with Dignity (Rulership & Exaltation).
All this material was recently presented during 2018 at the United Astrologers
Congress (UAC), Chicago, in New York and Istanbul chapters of the NCGR,
and also in Taiwan for the SATA organization.

Biography:  Meira Epstein, C.A., NCGR-PAA
Professional practicing certified astrologer, a teacher on the New York NCGR faculty, and a
speaker at national & international conferences. Meira is the creator & tutor of the NCGR Online
Education Courses for the PAA certification Program - all 4 levels, including Math, Astronomy
and chart Rectification.
Specialties: Hellenistic, Classical Astrology, as well as the modern Uranian System.
Publications: Translations of the Medieval Hebrew astrology works of Abraham Ibn Ezra (12th
c.). Instruction series: “Excellence in Astrology, Level-I and Level-II” – comprehensive
workbooks for Certification Exams. Articles published in the US & Europe. Recent publication is
“Sefer Yetzirah” - translation and commentary of an Ancient Jewish Mystical text.
Meira’s astrology studies began in Israel in 1978 and continues in New York City in 1981. For a
complete Saturn cycle she also held a parallel career as a computer programmer-analyst for a
Wall Street bank, and a prior career in teaching English as a Second Language

$225 for the weekend (if signed up by March 15)
$250 afterwards, $125 for either Saturday or Sunday
Payment accepted by cheque, on line banking transfer or credit card by Paypal.
Contact Janet Markham at,

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