The CAAE Examination Schedule - 2018

LEVEL 1 Examination - May 26th, 2018 Location(s) TBD

To obtain location information email

LEVEL 2 & 3 Examinations - Start date May 26th,exams must be returned by June 9th midnight.

To enquire about Study Guides email

Membership dues must be up-to-date to register; registration deadline is May 11th

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Our new Facebook Groups

We have a new way of shring and communicating

please join us  - our new Facebook pages...

for teachers :

for students:


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A beautiful gift from Robin Armstrong

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SOTA - State Of the Art 2018

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FORECASTING - Astrology Workshop Montreal

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A free lecture - April 29th 2018 Symposium on Alternative Healing - Robin Armstrong

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Christeen Skinner Toronto - July 20th Juy 21st July 22nd 2018

Christeen Skinner returns to Toronto


 Contact: Janet Markham;

                 Priscilla Costello:;


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