The CAAE Exam Schedule 2018 is as follows:

          The Level 1 Exam will be held on Saturday, May 26m from 10am - 1pm


Mind and Body Lakeshore Integrated Medicine Clinic

2921 Lakeshore Boulevard West, Toronto

South side of Lake Shore Blvd., East of Islington Ave. 


GREEN P Parking is Available:

In front of the Clinic, on LAKE SHORE Blvd. W

On SIXTH Street, one block east of Islington Ave.

Behind the Clinic, accessible from SIXTH Street

          The Math exam will be held on Saturday, May 26.  Location and time to be announced

          The Level 2 and 3 Exams will be sent out at 12:01 am on May 26.  Exams should be returned by 12:00 am June 9

          Students should receive a Study Guide from their teacher prior to exams

          Membership dues must be up-to-date to register for exam(s)

          Registration deadline is May 11

          If you have any questions, contact Joan Ann (


The Canadian Association for Astrological Education holds professional certification exams annually, during the Spring Season.
When you register to write a CAAE Exam you will receive a Study Guide to support your preparations toward the applicable examination.
Membership to the CAAE is required to write the examinations.

Math - $45.00
Level 1 Astrology - $50.00
Level 2 Astrology - $60.00
Level 3 Astrology - $60.00

You can register for an exam online using the following link.

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